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Equestrian equipment

Equestrian equipment

Clothing and accessories for the riders as well as equipment for the horses should be changed and refreshed occasionally. At About Horses you will find suppliers for all categories of equestrian equipment. Horse equipment, clothing for the rider, jewellery & accessories or individual items: Discover the supplier who can fulfill your wishes. Our suppliers also do not shy away from handmade horse hair jewellery. Let us inspire you! 

Supplier for equestrian equipment: Handmade & accessories, Embroidery, Clothing and horse accessories

Horse equipment consists mainly of durable goods and no consumer goods. However, if used frequently, even the highest-quality consumer goods must be replaced from time to time. Saddles and saddle accessories, all leather products, such as bridles, breastplates, auxiliary reins and co., leg protection, horse blankets and much more are usually used daily. Traces of use occur and the wear and tear of the products takes course. Regular care and inspection of the equipment is essential to protect yourself and your horse from accidents.

But also the rider's clothing must be replaced from time to time.Riders also follow current trends and always want to wear the most modern riding trousers with grip or glitter and the latest showshirt.  But the clothing can also be an important safety factor. The riding helmet should sit firmly and securely on the head and should be checked after every fall and replaced if necessary to really protect the head.

An individualization of blankets, saddlecloths or other products is pending? At About Horses you will find embroideries that are gladly received. 

You would like to carry your darling with you at all times? At About Horses you will also find suppliers who can create great jewellery from the tail hair of your horse.

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Clothing for riders in training and at riding competitions

The market for riding clothes is huge. Riding breeches, outerwear, riding gloves, riding boots, safety clothing and much more is used in daily life. Even high-quality products show signs of wear over time and need to be replaced. Riders are also very fashion-conscious and of course they want to be up to date and wear the latest show clothing.

Stay tuned to the latest fashion and get information from our suppliers. 

Horse equipment

Your leather equipment has given up or you would simply like to be inspired by the offer and refresh your equipment? Browse through the assortment of our suppliers and get inspired.Whether care products such as hoof balm, mane spray or grooming products, leather products such as saddles, bridles or breastplates or a complete outfit consisting of sweat blanket, saddle cloth and suitable bandages for the horse - you will find what you are looking for with our suppliers and can equip your horse!


Jewellery & accessories in equestrian sports

There are also many great accessories in equestrian sports that we riders are unwilling to do without. From the classic riding socks worn over the breeches, hairnets for dressage competitions or the belt to the white breeches. But you can also find other accessories like caps, scarves, necklaces and earrings at our suppliers. If you are looking for individual horse hair jewellery, our suppliers can make your desired product. 

Embroideries on horse blankets, riding clothes and much more.

Whether you as a sponsor would like to have a company logo embroidered as advertising at horseshows or as a private person you would like to have the name of your horse embroidered, makes absolutely no difference. Horse blankets, saddle pads, box curtains for overnight competitions, jackets for the team around the horse or even towels or bridle bags - our suppliers try to make everything possible! They refine your equipment according to your wishes. Do not hesitate to contact us and ask. 

Horse bedding

Bedding for horses

Are you looking for the ideal bedding for your horse or your whole stable? Our suppliers have a large repertoire of different absorbent floor coverings for horse boxes. About classic straw, simple shavings or the special bedding for allergy sufferers - let our suppliers advise you and find the ideal bedding!  

Horse feed

The balanced feeding of horses is very important. The horses should always have sufficient roughage available so that the gastrointestinal tract can work well and is not attacked. 
But also the concentrated feed should be adapted to the different needs of the horses. Is the horse rather light-fed, ist it a sports horse in training, does the horse have deficiencies that need to be compensated? These are all questions that need to be answered. 
Use the offer of our suppliers and let them advise you! 

Horse feed


Whether show jumping course or training course, cavalettis or poles - you will find the ideal obstacles for your needs with our providers. For eventers and show jumpers, jumps and cavalettis are an integral part of everyday life, but also for dressage horses, pole work or jumping gymnastics is a welcome change. At our suppliers you will find various obstacle material. Let us inspire you! 

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