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Equine law

Equine law

Do you have any questions about equine law? Whether as a rider, breeder, horse seller or stable owner: About Horses has the answers you are looking for. Discover lawyers specialising in horse-related matters on our international platform. They can support you with their vast experience in legal civil, construction and sports matters. From horse purchase contracts to leasehold law. Quick, easy, clear - and located near you. Competent support for all issues.

Lawyers in equine law: Competent assistance in emergencies

Are you looking for an expert to advise you regarding a horse purchase contract? Do you require assistance with your horse custody agreement? Or perhaps you are a horse owner and find yourself in situations where you require a lawyer as an operator of a horse business, a horse veterinarian, farrier or therapist? 

Whether it's regarding your four-legged partner or your professional career, with About Horses you'll find lawyers specialising in all matters relating to equine law: from horse purchase contracts and animal owner liability to agricultural law. 

Time-saving and clear. Our platform's intelligent filtering is designed to help you: Enter the legal area in which you are seeking expert advice into the box. Our database delivers results based on your precise requirements and individual needs.

Use the interactive map to instantly see where particular lawyers are practising, allowing you to quickly and easily find the right expert near you for your legal horse matters.

Equine law on About Horses - the benefits at a glance: Find lawyers specialising in horse-related matters on our platform for questions relating to civil law, such as 

  • Horse purchasing agreement 
  • Animal owner liability
  • Hiring agreement law
  • Leasehold law
  • Breeders’ rights
  • Employment law
  • Veterinarian liability law

for questions relating to administrative law, such as 

  • Animal welfare legislation
  • Construction law

for questions relating to sports law, such as  

  • Arbitration law
  • Sports law 

Benefit from the experience and knowledge of lawyers in equine law - for competent support regarding all legal queries relating to horse management and your four-legged partners.

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Horse purchasing and horse purchase contract

Have you purchased a horse only to find it has become lame soon after? You want to return the horse or reduce the sale price? Legal disputes are commonplace when it comes to purchasing horses. Issues can arise such as liability for defects, supplementary performance, compensation for damages, warranty, reduction of sale price or withdrawal from the agreement. With About Horses you'll find lawyers specialising in horse-related matters who can provide competent support and clarify your situation. Benefit from professional expertise: we'll put you in touch with the right specialist for your horse-related needs, meaning that both horse buyer and seller can reach a mutual agreement.

Animal owner liability

Your horse escapes, runs along the road and causes damage to multiple cars? Or perhaps an accident involving another rider happens during a training session? If your four-legged partner causes damage to persons or property, you as the owner are fully liable - even if it is not your fault. This can lead to expensive financial consequences. With About Horses, you'll find lawyers specialising in animal owner liability who can represent your interests. Lawyers located near you. Therefore, play it safe and seek legal advice from a lawyer. These specialists are here to guide you - you are not alone in an unknown legal labyrinth.

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Horse custody agreement

If you entrust your horse to the hands of a boarding stable, this also raises legal questions: What happens if your horse damages something there? Or something happens to your four-legged partner whilst there? Whether a stable owner or rider: Trust the expertise of lawyers with comprehensive knowledge in custody agreements. Our platform presents competent specialists who can provide you with comprehensive advice: from the right to cancel your boxes or lessor's lien if boarding costs are not paid. Discover lawyers who can help you create your personal horse hiring agreement. This clearly sets out any liability issues and notice periods, meaning no disputes arise between the stables and the horse owner.

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Agricultural law

Are you planning to expand or completely renovate the stables of your horse business? It’s worth getting good advice: Find lawyers specialising in agricultural law with About Horses. Easy, quick and in just a few clicks. These experts can advise you in all legal matters surrounding your farm and will support you with their legal knowledge.

[Translate to English:] Anwälte für Tierarzthaftungsrecht
Veterinarian liability law

As a veterinarian, you created a report for a pre-purchase inspection and overlooked a problem with the horse? Or have you been accused, deliberately or negligently, of medical malpractice? Discover lawyers on our platform with expert knowledge of veterinarian liability law and who can represent your interests with competence.

[Translate to English:] Anwälte für Pachtrecht
Leasehold law

Leasing a riding facility is the dream for many independent riders. In order to ensure your plan does not turn into a nightmare, you will need to create an agreement between you and the lessor that stipulates every tiny detail. Discover lawyers in leasehold law on About Horses. They'll support you in all things legal, leaving you to start your horse business with peace of mind.

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