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Horse insurance

Horse insurance

You invest time and money in your horses. Protect what is dear to you - with the right horse insurance policy. Horse liability, horse operation insurance or rider accident insurance; on About Horses, discover insurance companies which have the right products for the horse industry. Find specialized brokers in your area. Fast, simple, clear. Ensure that you and your four-legged athletes are well protected.

Horse insurance: Protection for you and your four-legged partner

You train with your four-legged athletes train every day. But what if there is an accident - what if your horse gets injured? What if it gets ill, or dies? What if you or a third party are injured? What if your horse absconds and causes damage with high subsequent costs? 

Protect yourself and your four-legged partner with the right horse insurance policy. Secure your financial risk in the event of damage. On About Horses, we will show you insurance companies and brokers who offer you the right policies, specifically tailored for equestrian sports. 

Take a look at our platform, get an overview of their insurance services, in a structured and clear layout. This is ensured by the intelligent filter function on our database. It gives you the exact provider you are looking for - from the broker in your area to the specialist insurance company. Get the right cover - because horses are not just valuable, but also come with risks.

Insurance companies and brokers on About Horses – your benefits at a glance:

  • Horse liability – triggered when your horse causes damage and you are liable for it. 
  • Horse health insurance - for when your four-legged partner has to be treated for an illness or an accident or has to undergo surgery. 
  • Horse operation insurance - covers the cost of expensive operations.
  • Horse life insurance - enters into effect if your horse is incapacitated due to illness, injury or accident or dies. 
  • Riding accident insurance - so that you and/or other riders are insured against falls and other accidents. 
  • Horse transport insurance - so that your horse is well protected while on the move. 
  • Operating liability for horse farms - for your private or commercial horse accommodation.

Whether illness, operation, accident or loss - About Horses helps you find specialised insurance companies and brokers for the horse industry. This means you will have the right partner at your side in the event of an emergency.

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Insurance companies

From horse operation insurance to horse transport insurance for your four-legged partner during a stable change or on the way to a competition. On About Horses, you will find companies that offer special insurance products for the horse industry, adapted exactly to your needs and risks. Whether for the barn, the paddock, training, seminars or tournaments; the right horse insurance policy will protect you from costly financial consequences if any damage is caused. Discover a range of insurance companies and their individual services on our platform. At a glance - with just a few clicks. Enjoy all-round protection - and enjoy the time with your four-legged partner without any worries. 

Insurance brokers

Get strong support and the best advice. On About Horses, you can find brokers that specialise in horses and can assist you, with a lot of experience. And all of this in your area. Thanks to the practical map on our platform, you can see local service providers at a glance. This helps you to quickly find the right specialists for the right insurance policy. Partners who help you competently, even in difficult situations. This means you will not be alone in caring about your four-legged partner - and you will be financially well-secured. On our intelligent database, you can find brokers for horse insurance.

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General agency

Find out about insurance brokers, insurance companies and general agencies at About Horses. Find a suitable agency to help you choose the right insurance cover. Use the map function to find general agencies near you. Make sure you have a partner at your side in case of damage.

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Horse operation insurance

Whether colic, a chip or a fracture - operation costs for your four-legged partner can build up quickly. Protect yourself against financial burdens with horse operation insurance. You will find the right specialist provider on About Horses. For the well-being of your horse and your wallet.

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Horse liability

Your horse becomes frightened, runs onto the road and has an accident? This can be expensive. If there is a claim against third parties, horse liability is triggered - one of the most important horse insurance policies. Find the right provider on About Horses - and give yourself the best financial protection.

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Horse life insurance

Injuries, illnesses or even death. When something happens to your four-legged friend that nobody can compensate for emotionally - but only materially. Horse life insurance comes into effect to cover your costs in such cases. Obtain financial cover - for all horses; from sporting horses to breeding horses. On About Horses, find strong and experienced partners who can help you.

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