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Stallions and insemination

Stallions and insemination

 You will find the most suitable breeding stallion for your mares - from stallions tested in top-class sport to highly talented young stallions with international pedigree. On About Horses, discover individual stallions and renowned stud farms for your horse breeding. Form your own impression. Fast, simple, clear. Make the best choice - for promising foals from the best bloodlines.

Stallions and for successful horse breeding

Whether a state or a private stud farm; at About Horses, you will find renowned farms for successful horse breeding. You will learn lots of important background information - about their philosophy and work up to the hereditary performance of stallions. So you can quickly get an impression - for a full overview.

Especially handy; on the platform, you can filter exactly according to specific services which are important to you as a horse breeder - for example, whether you are looking for an EU insemination station or stationary accommodation for your mare. 

At the same time, you can see immediately where the various farms are located on our map. This will help you plan and organize the breeding of your mare. 

Interesting pedigree combined with maximum sports performance; are you looking for a suitable stallion for your mares? We make it easy for you; in our database, discover individual top stallions for successful breeding

Using the intelligent filter function, you can perform even more precise searches - for example, by the father of the stallion, his age or the breeding fee.

For all top sires, you can see pictures, videos and lots of details, such as race, pedigree, level of training, and discipline. So you are well-informed in advance.

Stallions and stud farms at About Horses - your benefits at a glance :

  • Start specific search requests
  • Find stud farms and stallions which precisely fit your needs 
  • Unique overview thanks to the interactive map
  • Simply get in touch with the stud farms

Make the best choice as a horse breeder - for promising breeding with highly rated offsprings.

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Private stud farms

From sport and breeding approved stallions to promising young stallions with scope, carefulness and technique for jumping stallions and expression, outstanding gaits and strong nerves for dressage stallions: as a horse breeder, find the top sire that meets your exact requirements. At About Horses, we introduce you to private stud farms, whose passion is stallions and breeding and discover interesting bloodlines in their stallion collections - at a glance - with just a few clicks. This will help you quickly find the exact stud farm you can work with in confidence. For successful breeding and promising foals. 

Insemination stations

Are you looking for an insemination station for your mare? In comparison to a stud farm, the focus at an insemination station is on the insemination of the mare and not on the semen collection of the stallions. In addition to classical insemination, embryo transfers are also carried out here. Here you will find a selection of renowned insemination centers that will advise you competently and support you in the insemination of your mare in cooperation with experienced veterinarians. Due to modern technology and best know-how nothing prevents the insemination of your mare. The semen shipment is very fast and the insemination of your mare can take place as quickly as possible. Discover the offer of our insemination stations here. 

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Semen depot

In the case of semen depots, the focus is not on inseminating the mare but on storing the stallion semen in liquid nitrogen. In the cold, the semen remains durable for a long time and can therefore be used later. In addition to storage, semen depots often also handle selling and shipping of the semen. 

Are you looking for a semen depot where you can find the semen of the right stallion or store the semen of your stallion? Find out more about semen depots at About Horses and use the map function to find suppliers nearby. 


Embryo transfer

Embryo transfer is performed on the donor mare one week after insemination with an embryo flush. The embryo is removed from the uterus and transferred to the recipient mare. As the donor mare does not have to carry out the foal herself, she can still be used in sport, but is registered as a mother in the foal's passport. This reproductive technique makes it possible to use the donor mare's gene pool more often, as she can theoretically be inseminated at every ovulation. 


State studs

Are you looking for important bloodlines and highly talented exceptional stallions to cover your mares? Discover state studs for your breeding success at About Horses. For centuries the stud farms have combined the knowledge of many generations with modern breeding. They offer highly awarded state stallions who enjoy great prestige on the show grounds of the world. On our platform you will find a variety of state studs - fast and easy. As a horse breeder, rely on the experience of the state studs - for offsprings with international winning qualities. 

Find the perfect stallion now

Every year, the number of promising stallions that attract attention for the first time at stallion shows or establish themselves in top sport at shows increases. On our platform you will experience renowned stud farms and private stallions for your breeding - from proven sires to highly talented young stallions. Our goal: We want you to find the perfect stallion for breeding with your mare - easier than ever before. You can filter according to specific performances of the stud farms and special characteristics of licensed dressage or jumping stallions. On the map you can also see where your favorites are located. As a horse breeder you make the best choice for successful offspring. 

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Dressage stallions

At About Horses you will find a collection of dressage stallions from different bloodlines from various private stud farms, state studs and insemination stations. Find renowned stallions such as Donnerhall, Sezuan or Fürstenball or discover potential in young stallions such as Sezuan's Donnerhall or Vivaldos. Find all dressage stallions at a glance. Take a look at pictures and videos and convince yourself about the quality of these dressage stallions.

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Jumping stallions

Also jumping stallions are listed at About Horses. Find famous stallions out of great bloodlines at About Horses. Established jumping stallions like Cornet Obolensky, Monte Bellini or Hickstead can be found next to newcomers like Toulago and Cornetto Uno. With About Horses you will definitely find the right stallion for your mare. Find an overview of the entire collection with more information such as pedigree, age, size and approval for the different associations. 

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