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Hofmag treatments in the Rheinisch-Bergisch Kreis & Cologne

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  • Hofmag magnetic field treatments
  • For horse and rider


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  • For chronic & acute inflammations
  • For injuries & signs of wear
  • For rideability problems
  • For performance enhancement & prevention


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  • In the Rheinisch-Bergisch district and in the surrounding area of Cologne
  • With you and your horse in the stable


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  • Appointments with Laura Vandendriessche by written request or directly by phone


The Hofmag

The Hofmag belongs to the therapy devices of the PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields) technology, which generates a high-frequency magnetic field through the high currents in the device. The short, high-intensity pulsed magnetic waves are induced by means of the treatment loop on affected parts of the body, both in horses and in humans, up to 20 cm deep into the tissue, which then stimulates it on a cellular level.

The treatment is doping-free, non-invasive, side-effect-free, FEI-compliant and scientifically proven.

The special effect on cells

All cells have a membrane with an associated membrane voltage, which in a healthy cell is usually 90-100 mV (millivolts). In a damaged cell, this is many times lower, which means that important exchange functions are no longer given.
With PEMF stimulation, the energy output is so high that the membrane voltage within the defective or degenerated cell increases permanently and over the long term, initiating cell renewal. In addition, the blood flow and the oxygen supply to the muscles are improved.

What does the Hofmag...

...for injured cells?

  • Release of any tension in the musculature of the entire musculoskeletal system.
  • treatment of acute and/or chronic inflammations (arthrosis/arthritis, degenerative joint restrictions, fractures, joint or bursa inflammations, haematomas)
  • genuine regeneration through activation of the self-healing powers
  • Acceleration of the healing process
  • Pain relief
  • Improved wound care for poorly healing wounds

You can find more information from the manufacturer at healthy cells?

  • Increase in performance
  • significantly accelerated regeneration after exercise
    generally increased well-being
  • Optimal loosening of the musculature incl. deep muscles
  • Less rideability problems
  • Improved mobility throughout the body

Joints, tendons and ligaments can be protected and injuries prevented. By means of the so-called "scan", areas of pain can be localised with the treatment loop and treated at an early stage below the animal's pain threshold.

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About Laura Vandendriessche

I am a horse girl... The way it used to be! I spent every free minute in the stable and worked hard to learn how to ride. Now I am a happy horse owner for more than 20 years.

I have been successful in show jumping up to medium (M) level and in dressage up to elementary (L) level. In the last few years, competition riding has no longer received my highest attention, but my profession has taken centre stage. However, I have always been very interested in horse health and its maintenance.

Due to an illness of my own heart horse, which was considered "out of therapy", I became aware of the PEMF therapy. As an engineer, I am always very interested in the technical possibilities of medical devices and their progress.

The connection to Hofmag

Over the years, a very trusting relationship developed with Achim Grunwald, the user of Hofmag-NRW, who helped me to put my horse into a lameness-free, stable condition that was not thought possible.
Thanks to him, I have been able to gain a lot of valuable experience in dealing with the PEMF over the years, have looked after more and more horses myself on a part-time basis and now, for some time, I have been an official Hofmag user.

In constant exchange with Hofmag NRW and Stefan Rantner from Hofmag EU, vets, clinics, saddlers and therapists, I try to keep learning. However, the best teacher remains our partner, the horse, which tells us so much when we look closely - something that touches me every day anew, motivates me and makes me happy to be able to help them.

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