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Combination of riding lessons, mental training & coaching

Do you want to...

...Go through life mentally strong and free of fears?
...Enjoy your time with your horse happily and successfully?
...To be motivated and concentrated in pressure situations?

"If you want MORE in your life, you often have to leave old systems, your hamster wheel or thought carousel to redefine yourself."

The Höchster.team specializes in helping people in exactly these situations. No matter if it's about private life, career or sports. The focus in coaching is on personality development, releasing blockages and fears and confidently walking the path towards success!

The own riding facility is located in a great location near Villingen-Schwenningen and offers everything that is needed for riding lessons on the one hand and mental training on the other hand. Here there are special offers to learn mental training directly in the riding lessons!

“Erfolgreich und glücklich sein, ist kein Zufall!"

Angst vorm Versagen, vor Ablehnung oder Kritik anderer Menschen? Du konzentrierst Dich nur noch auf Ergebnisse, statt Dich über die positive Entwicklung deiner Fähigkeiten zu freuen? Ängste, Blockaden und Stress bremsen Dich in Deinen Träumen und Visionen immer wieder aus?

In einem Coaching klären wir Fragen, finden Lösungswege, bearbeiten Glaubenssätze und bringen Dich wieder auf den richtigen Weg zu deinem gewünschten Erfolg! Um deine Konzentration, deine Willensstärke, deine Motivation und deine Leistung zu steigern, binden wir das Mentaltraining mit verschiedenen Methoden mit ein. Dies hilft dir Stress und Nervosität zu vermeiden und mit Niederlagen umzugehen!

Bei tiefsitzenden Ängsten, Blockaden oder körperlichen Problemen, können wir zusätzlich Gedanken nachhaltig mit Hypnose bearbeiten und eine innere Veränderung erreichen.

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Personal development is the key to your future

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Mental training

Training methods to increase your mental strength and performance

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The most powerful change tool there is!

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Online courses

Free information to redefine your personality

Our special intensive training for riders

Mental training and coaching from riders for riders!

There are many good coaches and there are many good riding instructors - however, they often speak a different language and you feel clearly misunderstood with one or the other and left alone with your problem.

We understand both points of view and can respond specifically to you and your horse.

It doesn't matter if you want to be happy in recreational riding or successful in competitive riding.

During an intensive weekend course we offer a workshop, individual coaching and several individual riding lessons. Here it's all about YOU and your horse. A perfect time out to recharge your batteries, energy and motivation!
Individual lessons are available by the day by arrangement.

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"I can only THANK YOU most sincerely for the insights, all the advice, the tireless training sessions, and most of all for having so much fun riding!"


"I wanted to thank you again for your patience and generosity towards me. There are few trainers of whom you can say that they not only impart knowledge and practice, but also have empathy, give the student confidence and take away fear. My motto: If you like what you do, you never have to work. This sentence applies exactly to you, Patrick. Looking forward to coming back again!"


The Höchster Team

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Patrick Höchster

As a former professional show jumper I offer my services as

  • personality coach
  • mental trainer
  • Motivational speaker & lecturer for companies & associations
  • Hypnotherapist and
  • trainer for sport and leisure riders

to bring you further in life!

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Monica Höchster

Organization and service around our

  • riding facility
  • Courses and
  • Bemer


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Jana & Leslie Höchster

  • Our two daughters complete the team perfectly
  • Riding enthusiast & successful in the jumping saddle


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Höchster Patrick
Training, Consultancy

Bühlstraße 24
78737 Fluorn | DE

Telephone: 01705305059
Mobile: 015121651602
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  • Dressage courses

Riding lessons

  • Show jumping lessons
  • Dressage lessons
  • Lessons at client’s stable

Additional training methods

Advice around the horse

  • Mental training
  • Stress management

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