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Success story

Michael Jung

Michael Jung grew up on his parents' riding school and he started to ride when he was a young child.

His father Joachim Jung attached great importance to a solid basic training in dressage, jumping and eventing. Joachim Jung himself is not a blank page in the equestrian scene. He was also awarded the Golden Riding Badge for success up to advanced (S) level in dressage and show jumping and, among many other successes, secured the title of National Champion in eventing four times. At the age of eight Michael competed in his first equestrian competitions. After completing his secondary schooling, he did an apprenticeship as a fully qualified groom. In 2010 he also passed the examination for becoming a master equestrian with distinction.

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In 2003 the great career began on the international stage.

In addition to the title of the European Eventing Champion of Young Riders, Michael was awarded the Golden Riding Badge for success up to advanced (S) level in both show jumping and dressage in Stuttgart's Schleyer-Halle.

From 2012 to 2014 as the first eventing rider ever, he became Olympic Champion, World Champion and European Champion in the individual classification.

In addition to his career in eventing, Michael has also been successful in international jumping and dressage competitions for many years.

Together and versatile for success!

Successes at competitions are often attributed only to the riders. However, the care of the horses at home and on the show ground is just as important to us. We have an experienced team, that supports us here.

Strong together for success!

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Lena Steger

  • Groom at competitions
  • She holds a truck-drivers licence
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Pietro Grandis

  • Rider
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Jürgen Buchal

  • Rider
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Wlodzimierz Zuranski

  • Responsible for feeding and maintaining the stables
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Isabel English

  • Working student from Australia
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Sophia Sjoborg

  • Trainee
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Jessica Pritchett

  • Trainee
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Phelina Beneker

  • Apprentice to become a fully qualified groom

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